LinkedIn Learning

You’re one step closer to developing the most in-demand
skills and taking your career in valuable new directions—
whether you’re building computer programming knowledge,
want to become a better project manager, need to brush up
on design software or have other goals.
LinkedIn Learning provides access to more than 13,000 highquality on-demand courses. And you’ll get personalized course
recommendations based on unique, data-driven insights from
millions of professionals on the worldwide LinkedIn network.
This guide is designed to help you quickly get up and running.
It also shares tips and best practices to make sure you’re getting
the most from your experience.

Step 1: Create a LinkedIn Learning Profile

Step 2: Add a picture and update.

Step 3: Add courses for learning new technology

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How to use

Online Courses

LinkedIn Learning

• Tie LinkedIn Learning courses to your goals and career development plans.
• Block out calendar time to take courses. You might find it helpful to leave
your desk to view content on your laptop or phone.
• Find opportunities for ‘just in time’ learning using two- to three-minute
videos. For example, quickly learn how to create a pivot table in Microsoft
Excel or how to initiate a difficult conversation.
• Take a time management course. This may help you find more time to
accomplish your goals, as well as more time for learning.
• Set up reminder notifications on iOS.
– Navigate to My Course
– Tap your profile image, the tap the gear icon to navigate to Settings
– Tap on the tile under Notifications to set up your learning reminders

LinkedIn Learning

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