Record Your Video Response



Video Response

1- Create a Flipgrid Group for your class

As a teacher, you can can create a Group for your class and invite students to join. The Group is the shared space where your students get to interact, learn, and share video responses. To create a Group:
 >  Log in to your Flipgrid account and click on ‘+Group”
 > Provide a name for your Group
 > Set up how members can join your Group.

2 – Share your Group with students

Once the Group is created you can then use the generated join code or link to invite students to join your Group. There are numerous ways to share your Group link: via email, share to Google Classroom or Remind, post it to Twitter, embed it online using an embed code, or you can share it as a QR Code that students can scan on their devices. 

3- Create Topics

Topics are discussion prompts to engage students in Group discussions. Topics take different forms: you can use text, video, or choose a ready-to-go Topic from Flipgrid’s Discovery Library. To add a Topic to your class Group, click on “+Topic” and add the following details: title and description of your Topic, add media which can be an image, a recorded video (maximum recording time 10 minutes),  emoji, an uploaded video, a YouTube or Vimeo video; or you can insert media from Adobe Spark or Buncee, and/or add attachment links. 

4- Record your Response

Now that you created a Topic, students will now be able to respond to the Topic using short videos recorded by Flipgrid camera, and according to the settings you have chosen when you created the Topic. 

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